The Bridge School
Self-Determination Program

Program Description

The Bridge School Self-Determination Program is a 3-unit program for middle school students who have complex communication needs (CCN) and who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

  • Unit 1: Develop and deepen self-knowledge
  • Unit 2: Learn to set goals, make plans and act
  • Unit 3: Experience outcomes and learn

Program Units

  • Can be completed in 7-9 weeks per unit
  • Should be completed in order from 1 to 3 as they build on one another

Our program can be implemented by any combination of teacher, instructional assistant, speech-language pathologist, family member and/or mentor. Our program has three unique components:

  1. Guided Practice Classroom Lessons
  2. Mentorship Experiences
  3. Real-World Opportunities