The Bridge School
Self-Determination Program

Make a Plan & Make it Happen

Self-determined people set their own personal goals across many areas in their lives. They make clear plans to meet those goals (both short-term and long-term), they anticipate challenges along the way and they makes changes as needed to their initial plans.


The following are 4 adapted classroom activities designed to guide students through the process of choosing personal goals and creating action plans to achieve them.

Defining Short-term and Long-term Goals

Activity 1: Defining Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Students explore characteristics of short-term and long-term goals and learn to differentiate between them through a variety of online and discussion activities.

Prioritizing Goals

Activity 2: Prioritizing Goals

Learning to prioritize/Setting and sharing goals: Students review their completed Framing A Future summary page to select a goal they want to work towards.

My Dreams

Activity 3: Role-Playing Scenarios

Learning problem-solving strategies: Students get practice coming up with creative solutions to problems through role-play in hypothetical situations.

Making a Plan

Activity 4: Making a Plan

Learning to formalize a plan: Students choose a long-term goal and write a step-by-step plan.