The Bridge School

Self-Determination Program

Unit 2: Self-Knowledge

Through communication with others and the connections and relationships that develop during these interactions, students learn about themselves, who they are as individuals and who they are as members of a group. They learn what their hopes and dreams are, what goals they want to set for themselves and how they can develop a plan to pursue their goals. Students learn to use tools that increase the awareness of and the ability to describe their unique strengths and limitations as an individual and how these directly relate to how they learn, communicate and interact with their environment.

Students also learn to articulate their unique abilities and interests and the effect these will have on the goals they will want to set for themselves and pursue.

I enjoy hanging out with lots of people.

I like to solve mysteries.

I like acting.

I am someone who looks forward to special events.

– Quotes from students

With this increased understanding of abilities, interests and limitations, students can begin to identify, explore and ultimately determine the strategies and supports that will assist them in reaching their goals. Students also gain experience monitoring progress toward reaching their goals as well as using the feedback given by mentors to make the necessary changes and adjustments for successful outcomes.