The Bridge School

Self-Determination Program

Activity 2: Two Truths and a Lie

Learning about one another: Students and mentors get to know more about each other by playing a game.


Mentors and mentees learn things about each other and begin to develop their relationship.

Mentors and mentees learn about one another’s yes and no responses.


  • Large monitor to display PowerPoint
  • Step-by-Step (SBS) communication device – mentees work with staff prior to the session to choose Two Truths and a Lie which are then programmed into their Step-by-Step

Mentor Preparation


  • develop Two Truths and a Lie
  • meet online to review and provide feedback to each other regarding the age-appropriate language used
  • role-play with Self-Determination Program (SDP) staff, prior to the Two Truths and a Lie session with the mentees


SDP staff introduce the Getting-to-Know-You game as a way for mentees and mentors to learn something new about one another. Each person in the group shares 3 pieces of information about themselves. The goal for everyone else in the group is to figure out which pieces of information about that person are true and which are lies.
  • “Who thinks Tyson has five sisters?”
  • “Who thinks Collin loves swimming?”
  • “Who thinks Job took a picture with the band, One Direction?”



Thanh presents her 2 truths and a lie using PowerPoint.



Tyson presents his 2 truths and a lie using PowerPoint.


Collin and Thanh share a laugh during the game.